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OsOP: Sunday is Finals Day

Posted by gauloises1 on August 16, 2009


Center Court (NB 13.30hrs)
1. Doubles Final: Black/Huber vs. Llagostera Vives/Martínez Sánchez
2. Singles Final: Dinara Safina vs. Jelena Jankovic (NB 16.00hrs)

jmdp camera sign

Central (starts at 11 a.m.)
Max Mirnyi (BLR) / Andy Ram (ISR) vs. Mahesh Bhupathi (IND) / Mark Knowles (BAH)
Andy Murray (GBR) vs. Juan Martin del Potro (ARG) (NB 1.30 p.m.)

If you want to comment on / discuss matches in progress / scream about how well / badly Elf is playing, here might be a good place to do it.

79 Responses to “OsOP: Sunday is Finals Day”

  1. irefusetotellyou said

    Oh lord! There’s that screencap that I know and love.

  2. irefusetotellyou said

    Coin toss. Dyingdyingdying inside.

    I think I need a tranquilizer.

  3. gauloises1 said

    Why did they have to play this when it was too early to drink?

    Bad form, Montreal.

  4. happy ions said

    gaul, drink valerian tea.

  5. irefusetotellyou said

    Brad Gilbert on Elf — “He’s such a heavy sweater.”

    Aw. A man after my own sweaty self.

  6. happy ions said

    what is it about argentinians and sweat? nalby & juan martin.

  7. gauloises1 said

    I’ve often thought that an Elfhug would be like wearing a heavy sweater.

    In a sexy way, obviously.

  8. irefusetotellyou said

    Did Elf REALLY yell at Muzz’s mother? I find it hard to believe …

  9. gauloises1 said

    What? No!

    He griped at Murray once saying “it’s always the same, you and your mother”. Something like that …

  10. irefusetotellyou said

    Blame Brad Gilbert and Chris Fowler for spreading such vicious rumours …

    HAHAHAH male hair-loss commercial. Classy.

  11. gauloises1 said


  12. happy ions said

    thanks, g!

  13. irefusetotellyou said

    Yeah, can’t deny that I was laughing uproariously at Murray … “WERE YOU TRYING TO HIT A BALL AT ME?! DO YOU THINK THAT’S FUNNY!?!?”

    OH SHIT! Crazy volley just happened. Elf was running like nobody’s business.

  14. AmyLu said

    The mother incident is one of the funniest things I’ve watched on a tennis court in recent years.

    I know the Elf has been really good at coming back from a set down recently, but I think it’s really important the he win the first set today.

  15. gauloises1 said

    It feels so so so weird to be rooting for Murray’s opponent. I hope Her Majesty the Queen doesn’t find out about this.

    I like the umpire in that clip, he’s like a bored teacher. “That’s enough now, Juan.”

  16. gauloises1 said

    Murray wins the battle of the hot coaches … Miles AND Corretja, that’s a yummy combo.

  17. irefusetotellyou said


    Getting nervous. Especially since Elf seems to be moseying around even more than usual today …

  18. gauloises1 said

    I think he looks tired. Not just his usual unassuming deliberate mooch, but tired.

  19. happy ions said

    fowler is a headless chicken. go away!

  20. irefusetotellyou said

    P.S: Maybe you should wear a preppy white Lacoste polo with a popped collar, Corretja. Oh wait, you already are.


  21. irefusetotellyou said

    Alas, Ions, Fowler appears to be one of those headless chickens that continues to run around for months after being decapitated.

  22. happy ions said

    g, happily, love and greatness know no nationality!

  23. AmyLu said

    I agree that Elf looks tired — Murray seemed to grab his back at one point, which could be something to watch out for. I don’t want anyone injured for the US Open!

    Fowler makes me want to bang my head against the wall. Over and over and over again.

  24. happy ions said

    elfin tower, wake up! wake up!

  25. happy ions said

    he woke up!

  26. AmyLu said

    Wohoo — that’s how you hit a BH Elf! Do that again.

  27. gauloises1 said

    And a better second serve return just there – that’s the stuff to give the troops, come on!

  28. gauloises1 said

    I can’t watch him serve at 4-5 down. I can’t.

    After last night I may never be able to watch him serve at 4-5 down ever, ever again.

    *goes for cigarette*

  29. irefusetotellyou said

    … or not. Still looking very tired and energy-less to me.

    Oh lord. Extremely melodramatic Rolex/Roger commercial.

  30. happy ions said

    the ump gave del po some great coaching advice: play quicker. pounce.

  31. happy ions said

    i can’t believe i wrote del po. espn is affectng my brain. gasp.

  32. AmyLu said

    Happy Ions, if it makes you feel better, Argentineans call him Del Po — my husband has been calling him that for the past three years now.

  33. happy ions said

    amylu, it does. i just don’t like my source.

  34. happy ions said


  35. AmyLu said

    Understood completely, Happy Ions. 🙂

    The intensity has certainly picked up in this TB.

  36. AmyLu said

    I love the chip and charge (more like blast and charge, really). That was completely unexpected, and the perfect time to do it.

    Vamos Crazy Elf! What a way to end the tiebreak!!!

  37. gauloises1 said


  38. happy ions said

    mr. clutch. those serves.

    loved the “who me” look of the linesperson.

  39. happy ions said

    and the chip and charge on the 2nd serve. nice!

  40. happy ions said

    amylu, can you or juan jose give some insight into why such talented players in argentina don’t dominate the sport. what is about the culture? is it unsupportive of what is deemed too much success like the balkans? a question for later of course.

  41. irefusetotellyou said


  42. happy ions said

    juan martin, like beckett’s. i’ll go on, i can’t go on… oh, tower…break back. break back.

  43. happy ions said


  44. AmyLu said

    JJ’s take (he’s actually Ecuadorian, but he went to college in Argentina, lived there for close to four years, and absolutely loves the country) thinks the problems with Coria and Gaudio were due to mentality — just not mentally strong enough, and that he’s never had the sense that Nalbandian wanted to dominate tennis (he was pushed into tennis by an over-bearing father, his story is somewhat similar to Agassi’s). Culturally, Argentina is starved for success, and as soon as there’s a glimpse of a talent, the press and people treat you as a “god,” who should win absolutely everything, which leads to quite a bit of pressure. There’s also the shadow of Vilas hanging over every player — the press is always very quick to anoint Vilas’ heir, which my husband thinks screwed up Gaudio and Coria. Vilas was big on Coria, but hasn’t necessarily been all that talkative about the others — JJ thinks he realized that his presence lead to unnecessary tension and drama with regards to the FO final between Gaudio and Coria so he’s retreated a bit.

    In public opinion, the slam that really matters and counts is the French Open. That’s the slam Gaudio and Coria were all about winning, whereas Del Potro and Nalbandian don’t seem to place that one above all the others. Prior to Nalbandian and Del Potro, the press didn’t pay much attention to the rest of the season — the emphasis was always on the clay. And, the Davis Cup is HUGE there — it’s a very sore point that they’ve never won it, which leads to all sorts of pressure for players in terms of when they play, and the emphasis they place upon it.

    And, on the actual match being played — both players seem to be swinging much more freely now. I’m so happy with how the Elf responded to being broken — that was utterly fantastic.

  45. happy ions said

    amylu, post match i can think. i am impressed you could write that during a match. i love the culture angles. they can become contentious, but if handled with sensitivity, they shed so much light on people’s actions. so important and too often overlooked.

  46. gauloises1 said

    Elf took his foot off the gas in that game. Idiot.

  47. AmyLu said

    That was a funny sequence — it’s like Murray was thinking, after Elf’s defensive lob, let’s start the point again, and Elf’s FH reply was, let’s not. 🙂

  48. Ribbons said

    And, the Davis Cup is HUGE there — it’s a very sore point that they’ve never won it, which leads to all sorts of pressure for players in terms of when they play, and the emphasis they place upon it.

    Thanks for the insights, AmyLu. The photo of Elf consoling Pico after this year’s tie breaks my heart every time.

  49. gauloises1 said

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but this set is on an absolute knife-edge right now.

  50. happy ions said

    i wanted to write post-match what killer is saying right now

  51. happy ions said

    about juan martin picking when to pounce

  52. happy ions said

    juan martin is starting to look like a ballet dancer to me! getting to the low ball and the touch on the cc volley.

  53. gauloises1 said

    That was skillz. If I didn’t want to have sex with him already, that would have tipped me over the edge.

    They’re chanting for him!

  54. AmyLu said

    You’re not wrong, gauloises. That was a HUGE hold for the Elf. Now, it would be fantastic if he could put pressure on Murray’s serve in this game.

  55. AmyLu said

    Perfect point construction — push him back with two deep BHs, pounce on the short ball with your FH. Do it again, please.

  56. gauloises1 said

    Or not.


  57. AmyLu said

    I like that the Elf has a cheering section here. HOLD SERVE. PLEASE.

  58. gauloises1 said

    OMG, the trainer? The shoulder?!

  59. AmyLu said

    What?!? That’s not on ESPN…I’m starting to think he should pull out of Cincy and save himself for the USO, regardless of if he wins this tourney or not.

  60. happy ions said

    not cool, elf. injury timeout on your serve. please improve your fitness. love everything else about this guy.

  61. happy ions said

    i’m happy there will be a 3rd set. clean slate.

  62. AmyLu said

    I’m so frustrated right now…the match was there, and now I feel like it’s gone.

    I’m not going to criticize the Elf for gamesmanship, but I just think calling for a trainer when you’re at 6-5 (and can potentially win the match) is not a smart idea, unless it’s a dire emergency. It can both fire up the opponent (which I think it did), and it can send the signal that you’re vulnerable (which can motivate the opponent to dig deep and push it to a third). I think that’s inexperience rearing its head there. 😦

  63. happy ions said

    amylu, i went to the mangroves and the amazon in ecuador january 2008. one of the greatest experiences i’ve ever had. i was a happy tourist.

  64. happy ions said

    ok back to the match.

  65. happy ions said

    oh ok wet shorts from cold water….

  66. irefusetotellyou said

    Not sure if I can watch the rest. It’s getting painful.

    Agree with AmyLu — he needs to pull out of Cincinnati to rest up a bit.

    Poor guy, he’s obviously completely frazzled. I’m very upset.

    Time to go cry somewhere and hope for a miracle.

  67. AmyLu said

    It’s beyond painful now. His legs are completely gone. 😦

  68. gauloises1 said

    This is awful. I will be crying shortly. As, I feel, will he.

  69. happy ions said

    if he loses…this will be the greatest thing for del potro. i think he is going to become fitness freak. his losses against federer in the slams totally transformed him for the better. this one, too.

    i am not convinced it wasn’t gamesmanship. i don’t think he would do that against federer or nadal. but he is really out of it. it used to drive me crazy when nadal did it in 2005-6.

  70. happy ions said

    could he pull a tsonga?

  71. happy ions said

    bg doesn’t understand that the hot gels/creams cool you off!

  72. AmyLu said

    I’m so deflated. Very well done to Murray…rest up, Elf.

  73. happy ions said

    elf needs a rest. i think he should play cinci but not beyond the qfs.

    murray earned it.

  74. happy ions said

    aww new ballsers! don’t despair about juan martin. he was hurting. he just took the injury timeout at an uncool moment. the guy is gonna learn form this. it is so rare to see a player like him. it’s thrilling!

    and gaul y’know he’s crying and going into problem solver mode about his game. 😀

  75. Carrie said

    It’s been about four hours and I am still sad about the loss. Oh Elf- you have joined that rare cadre of players that I obsess about. Good/scary for you.

  76. i am too depressed right now to say something about the final 😦 😦

  77. linz said

    Just stopping by to send hugs to all you Elf lovers. I was working during the match, but it sounds like he was just exhausted. Also that Murray guy is apparently the #2 player in the world- I’m not sure I’ll EVER get used to that.

    Anyways, it was a great week for Elf, and he earned more respect from me. Of course, I happen to be able to respect him, find him adorable, and utterly despise him at the same time- it’s a talent really.

  78. irefusetotellyou said

    AmyLu said it — “deflated” is definitely the word of the day.

    Now excuse me while I go bury my head somewhere.

  79. irefusetotellyou said

    P.S: Well, maybe this photo will help sustain me a bit.

    And at least he’s smiling here.

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