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Blogging Advisory: Suspended Animation

Posted by gauloises1 on August 1, 2010

So you may have noticed there’s been very little blogging going on around here lately. This is mainly the result of a particularly fraught couple of weeks (which aren’t over yet), but to be honest it has been a long time, due to personal circumstances, since I’ve been doing justice to what I had in mind when I started this blog. It isn’t having a lot less time as much as it is the fact that having a lot less time means I put way more pressure on myself to come up with something to say. I can tell because I still manage to find the time now and again to stare at the computer in a blank fit of despair wondering where my blogging mojo went. You can see my problem.

Anyway, I’m putting New Balls, Please on indefinite leave, into carbonite, condemning it to the Bronze Sector or cryogenically freezing it – pick your metaphor.

It may be that some time away from doing this will help me rediscover my zest for it, or that I’ll get a new perspective on what exactly it is I’m trying to do. Or not. I hope I will be back, but if I’m not, I want to thank everyone who’s read and commented here over the last seventeen months – you people are amazing and insightful and funny, and the real fun of doing this has always been in reading what you have to say back to me.

I’ll still be around on twitter (@newballsplease) and email ( if anyone has any genius thoughts that might help. In the meantime, sorry, thank you and sorry. Rest assured I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t feel that not blogging at all would be less of a blogging fail than the past few months have been.

So, yeah. Self-flagellation party at mine tonight.

42 Responses to “Blogging Advisory: Suspended Animation”

  1. Brodie said

    😦 Epic sad face my fellow Delpo KAD.

    Always loved your blog, just realized our blogs popped up around the same time as one another. Hope you’ll find the blogging mojo when Delpo returns.

  2. lauren said

    Oh nooooo! A big bloomin’ crater where NBP should be? Unthinkable torment. I can’t even find a coherent way to express my dismay, so I totally understand why you got to this point. When blogging becomes a chore it’s definitely time to bail because life’s already brimful of burdens.
    I will, however, miss your wit and your community a lot.
    But I’m keeping you in my feed so if you change your mind… by the time the Bangkok tourney rolls around… just saying.
    May all your tall Tandil dreams come true.

  3. rulin said

    Ah, you’ll be back when you-know-who returns…

    Right??? Right!?

    Seriously though, all the best to you and I thank you for the laughter and general awesomeness your blog has brought (thus far…)

  4. irefusetotellyou said

    Insert an epic, dramatic movie moment where the character is out in the pouring rain, crying:


    (that character is me.)

  5. Hart said

    This is tragically sad.

    I hope you know that, while I am an infrequent commentator I compulsively stalk–ahem–visit your blog all the time. I will miss your excellent brand of tennis news/humor/observations. That said, thank you so much for all the previous hilarity.

    Here’s hoping that the return of the Elf brings with it some Gaul blogging mojo 🙂

  6. PoorLittleMonique said

    I am so sad to hear this. I hope some r&r will contribute to you getting your groove back, and soon 🙂
    All the best,

  7. harini said

    Awwwww! This is my usual go-to place for tennis news (apart from Twitter hehe). Hope your blogger’s block checks out one of these days and hope all the RL stuff is OK too!

  8. So Muzz was bringing the sadz in order to be allowed to join your self flagellation party, yes?

    I want to thank you for all the blogging you’ve done. I check here all the time to see your take on things, and it’s one of the reasons my interest in tennis has grown to the mildly dangerous levels of obsession that it has. I really hope you enjoy your time more without blogging obligations hanging over you, and (selfishly) that you will be tempted back by a tall, mysterious Argentine before the year is out.

  9. TennisAce said

    Oh G, we will miss you but I completely understand where you are coming from. When your ultimate favourite player is not around that is when you realise just how invested you are in said player. As a fellow DelPo lover myself, I feel your pain.

    Take as much time as you wish sweetie and come back with your new balls even newer just as DelPo will come back with that monster forehand and that eeyaay sound he makes when he is hitting it.

    Oh my ovaries 🙂

  10. Cubbie_ said

    I will miss your wonderful blog, gaul. It was my favorite tennis blog on the net. Thank you for your 17 months of humor, tennis thoughts and fellow Delpo fandom.

    I wish you the best and hope that you will come back. If you decide not to come back- hope to see you around at TW, etc. 🙂

  11. AmyLu said

    Thank you so much for your hard work, wit, and thoughts. I absolutely love the space and community you created here. It truly was my favorite place to comment upon tennis.

    Wishing you all the best with your time away — and hope, that just like I fervently hope with DelPo, that you’ll only return if it truly feels right and you’re ready.

  12. sophienz said

    I’ll miss this site a lot – I check it everyday. It is by far my tennis blog, thanks to your wit and love of Delpo.
    I things go well for you while you’re away from blogging 🙂

  13. mina said

    i’m another frequent lurker/occasional commenter here who will miss the lack of G’s humor and insight. shall keep NBP bookmarked in hopes of a return a la Elf.

    i hope the real life stuff turn out well. *hugs*

  14. Imtotallyrad said

    oh …this is epically epically sad, this has been my go to place for tennis lolarity, news, and my place to revel in delpo fangirling.

    Maybe when the ‘big man’ returns so too will your inspiration? …if thats not the case well then so be it. Its been a fun read.

    I hope you work everything out.

  15. lira vega said

    Sad me is sad 😥
    (another “not much of a commenter, but disturbingly avid visitor” here)

    I hope you’ll find some sort of arrangement or concept or whatever that would bring the fun back into this bloggage business for you. Maybe not necessarily going with daily updated type of blog? That does seem very time-consuming and tiring…or maybe you’ve put too much pressure on yourself in trying to be too “fair and balanced” in your coverage? If you don’t care about…dunno, Jarmila Groth choking away match against Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova or Stan Wawrinka hooking up with Peter Lundgren, no reason to write about it (random examples, but it does seem to me you had more of a “must give everyone their due” concept that most blogs out there?) Or maybe just keep the blog alive for occasional on-the-scene report from Wimbles, WTF, Queens or the like?

    Either way, thanks for the news and lolz and good luck with soul-searching and RL stuff 😉

  16. ariennalee said

    So sad. I just started following you recently. I noticed that the posts were getting less frequent, but I love your style and sense of humor. Sincerely hope you’ll be back as soon (or sooner) as delpo is! But at any rate, hope you find that personal inspiration… whether you use it to blog or not to blog is entirely up to you.

  17. Claire said

    Sad to see the news. Always popped by to see if you had posted and probably will for a few weeks until the habit is un-learnt!

  18. jb (Go Someone!!!) said

    g – you decided to put newballs on hiatus? that is truly a sad sad thing…

    because while i know i’m biased, you are terrific at it. you dance on that fine line between funny and sarcastic without ever stepping into meanness. that’s hard to do, and ever so nice to read. 😦

    here’s hoping the tower of tandil will rise again, and inspire you with his general awesomeness.

    er, you’re not actually hitching a ride on a frieghter for argie land, are you? 😀

  19. Rachael said

    well to be honest, g, I’m not going to miss the Delpoing.

    but you were and are and will always be an awesome, clever and unique blogger and I love you.

    *manly handshake*

  20. Allison said

    😦 We’ll miss you and the constant stream of Delpo news and pics!

    I hope you both return to us soon!

  21. B. Wheeler said

    Will miss your sharp wit. Hope to see you back.

  22. Kssmeford said

    Again another regular “lurker” here that will miss this site.
    Thanks for all the previous joy and hoping for your tandiliousecstatic return!

  23. tali said

    You will be back batman!

  24. Kristin said

    Form yet another lurker – Gaul, 17 months is more than I could do! I could maybe be engaged in blogging one topic for about a week. And certainly not with your wit or hilarity or insight or positive appreciation. May you continue to enjoy tennis, whether you blog it again or not! But I will miss sharing my evening tennis-news beer with you 😦

  25. rafadoc said

    Awwww G Girl. Its all good. Always appreciate your wit. You are one of the funniest people in the blogosphere. Take care and come back when you feel the inspiration. 🙂 *kisses*

  26. raindelaysplay said

    In the words of the late great writer Douglas Adams…
    The only thing you’re missing is your muse. Everyone needs a little inspiration, and yours is simply having a wee break. We’ll be back when (ab)normal(ly good) service resumes! Hugs.

  27. Silvia said

    awwww… sad news! I’m not a regular commenter but I do read your post and enjoy them -can you see that I’m using Present tense and not Past… *winks*
    I hope you come back soon… with Delpo!

  28. Alice said

    really sorry to hear. i think more people have loved your blogging than you could have realised. or more than i realised anyway. such a shame to hear but thank you for the last year or so of laughs etc. i really hope maybe eventually the return of Delpo may help and you will return to blogging again.

    best wishes and thank you
    Alice 🙂 xx

  29. mrdarnley said

    Good luck getting your mojo back, but if you’re doing what you set out to do…well done! The blog is excellent and I’ll deffo miss it. Like everyone else here I hope you’ll be back, hopefully spurred on by Juan Martin’s return. Anyway until then enjoy the tennis, good luck.

  30. Aleksa said

    I am waiting for both of you to come back. Roaring.

  31. PaulaROU said

    NO!!! Maybe you’ll come back when Delpo returns?! I absolutely adore your blog. I love your creativity and wit. You’re absolutely awesome!

  32. neilintoronto said

    Ugh, having such a hard time due to NBP withdrawls, i may run straight to the heavy stuff :). Hope you make your return sooner rather than later!!!


  33. sophienz said

    The fact that Delpo is back is making me miss this blog more than ever 😦
    Anyone else out there still checking in here occasionally?

  34. Maria1 said

    Same here. 😦

  35. linz said

    I miss you all so I thought I’d say HI!

  36. Aleksa said

    Still checking in every day.

  37. Alice said

    I’m the same as the others…. checking everyday as this blog really was something special ❤

  38. Kristin said

    Ditto. Everyday…

  39. sophienz said

    Delpo won guys!

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